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Minderleinsmühle is one of the leading German manufacturer of organic food. The core competence of this owner-managed company is the production of premium cereal products, mueslis, chocolate, baked goods and savoury snacks mostly made of organic raw material.

Gluten free food complements our product range. In addition to the headquarters near Nuremberg, the enterprise Minderleinsmühle maintains a second production site in Adorf, Saxonia. Currently, the company has 450 employees in total.

Manufaturing natural food with tradition


Since 1776, the family Hubmann heads the Minderleinsmühle. Andreas Hubmann (right), seventh generation owner, is leading the business since 1983. Under his leadership, the traditional mill has evolved into one of the largest manufacturers of natural and organic food in Germany. Being one of the pioneers in the natural and organic food movement, he has expanded his thoughts in view of nutrition physiology and has raised handling of cereals to a higher stage.

Andreas Wenning (left) has been part of the Executive Board since 2018. Since 2023, Irene Reif has strengthened the top management as managing director.

Manufaturing natural food with tradition

Increase and creative strength


The business management of Minderleinsmühle focuses on sustainability, responsible action and behaviour and commitment. Strength, economical, ecological and strategic thinking are the foundations for our success. A perfect recipe: For 240 years, the corporate history of Minderleinsmühle is a story of success.

Increase and creative strength
Quality & environment

In harmony with nature for the best products

We are a responsible-minded manufacturer of mainly organic ambient food. Consequently, we distinguish ourselves by high requirement of quality.

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